Parker Hospitality

A graduate of Indiana University, Parker began his career in real estate and left the industry to start the race experience company, Xtreme Xperience. His foray into hospitality began in 2013 when he became a founding partner at American Junkie. After selling the brand, Parker learned he worked best when steering his own ship and was thus motivated to develop his own company. Since PRG’s inception, Parker has opened 9 venues in under 5 years with 5 New locations in the works and there are no signs of slowing down. His ability to understand the importance of building leaders on his team has given Parker Hospitality the edge in the industry.

Parker lives his life according to two business philosophies – anything is possible and embrace your mistakes. After the success of his first two River North venues, Parker quickly realized his vision for the future of his company. Parker spent the first two years of Parker restaurant group developing a team which would allow him to spread his concepts across the country. Parker believes in investing in his team in order to achieve rapid future growth. Within 4 years of opening his doors at the first Hampton Social, Parker restaurant group has successfully opened 8 venues in three states, and although covid put this industry on pause, Parker has been committed to continue to open more locations. Parker Hospitality has grown its corporate team from just Brad to employing more than 30 corporate employees and 700 store level employees. The success of Parker Hospitality can be attributed to a culture of support and hard work, along with Parker’s ambition to continue to be one of the best in his industry. Parker has surrounded himself with like minded individuals who have the skill necessary to make Parker Restaurant Group a household name over the years to come. The Future for Parker Restaurant Group is ambitious, with hopes of surpassing $100,000,000 in company sales by the end of 2023.